There are 2.3 million people in higher education in the UK right now.

Over 370,000 of us in London alone.

92% of students in London believe it is difficult to connect with other university students for the fulfilment of a particular purpose.

Cluttered physical noticeboards


A multitude of bloated Facebook groups


Inefficient networking events


These are the avenues available to students looking to form meaningful connections and find relevant opportunities/services while at university.


Finding the right co-founder, flat mate, internship opportunity or even student bank account ought to be easier. The co-founders were Imperial College London undergraduates who found themselves in this very position, unable to find a cheap undergraduate tutor or an appropriate flat mate, respectively.

Thats where we come in.

Communityy is the digital noticeboard utility for everyone in higher education.

Using Machine Learning, our application serves as a personalized smart noticeboard that takes input from the student user to ensure all postings visible to said user are by relevant students/ businesses / service providers.


By defragmenting the process associated with finding the right person/ opportunity/ service for the fulfilment of a goal while at university we facilitate the capitalization on one’s time in higher education in an unprecedented manner.

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